Artist Statement  

I see beauty in those things that are often overlooked, deemed ugly, exceeded their usefulness or that have simply become "invisible" to onlookers. The effects of aging as seen in weathered wood, rusted metal, broken bricks and stone are often unappreciated and seen as replaceable. Is this a metaphor for the way our aging population is viewed in our society?

When my eye falls on a window or door whose frame has been weathered by the elements ...or a mailbox newly colored by rust... or a door knob whose patina has disappeared due to the many hands that have turned it.... I SEE BEAUTY and a story.

Behind every door there is a story. With every turn of a door knob or handle there is a story. There is a story in every mailbox. And behind every window there is a story. And my story , as an artist, is to capture their attitude, imagine their journey from brand new to aged from years of use to tell their story with paper, paint and brush.

I paint with watercolors in a photo realistic style. Painting is meditative and fills me with joy transporting me from the everyday to another world. I enjoy sharing my passion for the creative process with others and feel privileged to have this opportunity working with cancer patients and survivors since 2001 as an Integrative Therapy Artist at the Cancer Center at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, Illinois.

I exhibit my work in juried art shows and venues where I have been privileged to receive numerous awards for my work. My love for art is exceeded only by my love for my husband, life partner and my greatest fan and supporter.